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Vicki Myron with Dewey, Nov 23, 2002

Never could she have imagined the attention Dewey would get when she found him that cold winter morning. 

“It just floored me,” Myron said.  “This is the way Dewey's whole life went. He drew people in his whole life from around the world. We had nothing to do with it. It’s serendipitous.”

Myron said the book would not be published until spring 2008.  “A ghost author and I still have to write it,” she said. “They will be coming in to do research this spring.”

Dewey, named after the Dewey Decimal System, used in libraries to catalogue books, died in November 2006. Myron said the cat was diagnosed with a stomach tumor earlier in the month, but still came running for cheeseburgers, boiled ham and garlic chicken TV dinners. After his health rallied, Dewey started acting funny and tried to hide.

That was when Myron decided to take him to a vet and had him euthanised. A local vet cremated Dewey for free and his ashes were buried in the front lawn of the library.

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Dewey Readmore the library cat
April 2007: Dewey Readmore Books, who died last year at the grand age of 19, will get his very own biography. The cat became a mascot for the city of Spencer library.

His keeper, librarian Vicki Myron has signed a $1.2 million deal with Grand Central Publishing (formerly Warner Books) to write the story of Dewey's life.

Myron found Dewey in the library's book drop in January 1988. After that, Dewey became famous worldwide, she said. TV crews came to the small north-west Iowa town from as far away as Japan to do stories on Dewey.